Improved blood circulation, reduction in pain, aches and swelling in lower limbs, enhanced muscles function and de-stressing are some of the key benefits you derive from Walker Massager. It helps to relieve leg cramps, calf pain, backache, carpel tunnel and sport injuries among others.

Just like regular walks, it boosts your blood circulation making you feel fresh and active throughout the day. You will feel revitalized with a healthy mind-body equilibrium.

One of the main reasons for pain and ache in the lower limbs is inactivity and poor blood circulation. With Therapeutic Walker Massager’s deep massaging therapy, swollen ankles, cold feet and aching legs would become thing of the past.

Yes, Therapeutic Walker Massager is scientifically designed on the proven theory of Late Dr. William F. Fitzgerald’s Zone Therapy whereby applying pressure and stroking certain reflexes, especially the sole of the feet, helps to normalize the function of the specific location or organ of the body.

Walker Massager gives you the combined benefit of walking, massage and pain relief based on the theory of Late Dr. William F. Fitzgerald’s Zone Therapy. According to this therapy, when pressure is applied and stroked on certain reflexes, it helps a specific organ or location to function normally. Since most of the nerve endings are located on the sole, a effective foot massage is the key to reduce stress, induce relaxation, improve circulation, remove impurities, revitalize cells and promote energy to maintain body balance and well-being.

It is highly advised that you should not get up immediately. Remaining still for at least 3 – 5 minutes is necessary because you will feel a generalized sensation after each use of the Walker Massager. This is basically due to oxygen-blood circulation. When the machine stops, you will also feel some itchiness and numbness, which only proves the therapeutic action of the Walker Massager.

You will feel itchiness or generalized sensation for sometime after each use of the Walker Massager. This is due to improved circulation, which only shows that the nerve endings are responding to the therapy of the Walker Massager.

Walker Massager is a time-tested product based on ancient therapy of foot reflexology, which is well proven worldwide. The infrared therapy is highly beneficial as also the magnetic waves which help greatly in relieving pain and aches. Moreover, by using Walker Massager there is no change (in extreme cases minimal change) in the vital characteristics of the human body. Hence, patients suffering from cardiovascular disease or those who have undergone bypass surgery can safely use this wonder gadget.