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 Design conforming to human body structure
  • Walker Massager is scientifically designed to give effective massage therapy for maximum comfort of the body. Its pressure pads are based on the reflexology points of the human foot where each node confirms to reflexes connecting various organs and systems of the human body.
 15 Level High- frequency vibration levels
  • Walker Massager is equipped with an advanced 3-dimensional vibration system with speed varying between 1800 - 4000 rpm for different massage intensities. This variable speed gives optimum effect to the user for effective therapy.
 6 Level - Far Infrared Therapy
  • The infrared emissions penetrate deep into the foot (about 3 - 4 cm) and help to expand blood vessels. This in turn helps to enhance body metabolism, promote suppleness, relaxation and provide effective stimulation.
 3 Preset Auto Functions
  • Walker Massager has pre-set program for slimming, reflexology and relaxation therapy. Choose the program of your choice by following the light color and derive maximum benefits by using these programs.
 8 Level - Magnetic Wave function
  • Controlled magnetic waves have a therapeutic effect in ionizing blood and enhancing antibodies. Walker Massager has in-built 8 level magnetic wave function.
 Calorie Indicator
  • Walker Massager is equipped with a pre-programmed calorie indicator that helps you to keep track of the calories burnt during each use. The computation of the calories burnt is based on the intensity level and duration of use. It is ideal for those who use the equipment for slimming purpose.
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