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 How To Use
  • Place WALKER MASSAGER on the floor or against the wall / surface according to the respective posture of massage as defined in this manual.
  • Do not stand on the massager as it will damage the unit.
  • Ensure you are in a comfortable posture while using the massager. If needed,add cushion / support to make yourself comfortable.
  • Before using the massager on the floor or slippery surface, please clean the footpads with a wet cloth to remove any dirt sticking to the surface of the pads. The moist pads would also help to avoid slipping of the massager while using.
  • The beginners should start at an intensity level 1-3. It can be gradually increased depending upon the user’s requirement.
  • NOTE: At anytime, whenever you feel giddy or heaviness or uncomfortable while using the WALKER MASSAGER, please reduce the intensity or duration of use to a level at which you feel comfortable. Thereafter, gradually increase the intensity or duration as your body responds.
  • Choose the desired posture(Refer to postures). The regular pose is that shown in fig-1.
  • Choose from the pre-programmed auto mode or set manually according to your need to draw maximum benefits.
  • Once the equipment stops after the preset time, remain calm with your eyes closed for a period not less than 1-2 minutes. During this period you may feel anaesthetized sensation in your body. This is the normal feeling of well being.
  • In the auto mode, the machine switches off automatically after the pre-set time. To continue using, select and press the option button again.
  • Each time the intensity level is changed, another 15-minute period is automatically added to the use of the massager.
  • While using the machine, you will experience some itchiness and tingling sensation. These are normal reactions as the nerve endings are responding to the massage. With this form of stimulation, your blood circulation will improve. This will then help to flush out acidified cells, waste materials and harmful substances.
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water before and after use of the machine. This is vital for flushing out toxins and harmful wastes from the body.
 When To Use
  • It may be used anytime and at anyplace at your convenience. Ideally it may be used early morning or any time is a state of light stomach. It should not be used immediately after the main meal.
 Who Can Use
  • Therapeutic Walker Massager can be used by:-
    • Adult and children above 8 years of age.
    • Patients / Physically challenged persons.
    • (In consultation with their physician)

 Who Should Not Use
  • Person with a pacemaker
  • Pregnant women.
  • Person with unexplained pain of unknown origin.
  • Patient who has undergone recent surgery/ operation and advised not use such gadgets.
  • Any individual suffering from any physical ailment that may restrict or make the user incapable to use the equipment.
  • Drink 500cc of lukewarm water before and after each session to aid circulation and flush out toxins, harmful substances from the body.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • If you sweat during the massage session, be sure to cover yourself to prevent chills and colds.
 Please read all instructions carefully before operating.
  • Do not use on swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions such as bruises, cuts, fractures, etc.
  • Do not use directly on the bone.
  • Do not use incase the pain persists or aggravates after use.
  • Do not use on areas that could cause bodily harm such as eyes, ears, head, etc.
  • Do not allow the edge of the machine compress the veins directly behind your knee (such as when using for the hamstring and calf areas)
  • Children should use under adult supervision.
  • Do not use it under influence of alcohol.
  • Stop the equipment immediately if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.
  • Never try to dissemble or repair it privately.
  • Never leave the appliance unattended, especially if children are present. Unplug when not in use.
  • Never cover the appliance when it is in operation.
  • Do not stand on the massager as it injurious and will damage the equipment.
  • Do not drop it from a high place. Do not apply force or pressure if it does not work.
  • Do not sit on it or prevent it from vibrating or else the motor may burn.
  • Do not use the product for more than 30 minutes at a time. Continuous, uninterrupted use may lead to excessive heating and shorter life of the product.
  • Use it only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use any attachment not recommended by us.
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