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 Improves blood circulation
  • The vibrating technique of Walker Massager dilates the vast network of blood vessels or capillaries that feed the muscles. As a result, there is improvement of blood circulation to the targeted area delivering blood to the peripheral nerves. Improved blood circulation revitalizes the cell and enhances metabolic rate. Further-more, it produces electrical current in the blood stream thereby ionizing blood.
 Reduces Inflammation
  • Vibratory massage has been proven to help in reduction of swelling, edema of the extremities, general inflammation that result from muscle injury. It is helpful in reducing symptoms of pain. It also aids smoother muscle contraction to achieve better performance. It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in joints and alleviate pain.
 Improves detoxification
  • The blood is the lifeline of every cell in our body. It carries nutrients to the cells and clears toxins and poisons from the cells. Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing or transforming them. The reflexology effect of Walker Massager vastly improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate the toxins at a much faster rate and improves immune system.
 Improves muscle function
  • The therapeutic effect of Walker Massager increases the supply of oxygen and transportation of nutrients, antibodies and hormones. By this process, it helps to improve muscle toning and reduce muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity or injury. Such massage therapy with increased blood flow may have a positive effect on the rehabilitation process of the injured muscle.
 Enhanced internal organ function
  • The reflexology effect of Walker Massager may improve peristalsis, strengthens the organ functioning and body processes, burn calories and alleviate vulnerability of disease. It is quite useful in alleviating stress-related tensions.
 Reduces stress related tension
  • Regular use of Walker Massager can help relieve muscle tension and mental stress so that your body can relax and rejuvenate from day - to - day wear and tear. The massage therapy provides a calming or stimulating effect on the nervous system depending on type or duration of massage.
 Helps to relieve physical ailments
  • Therapeutic walker massager may help to bring relief in physical ailments such as: sore muscle, leg cramps, calve pain, swelling, backache, carpal tunnel and sport injuries etc.
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